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Lamar Mayton

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Education & Training

Early Struggles with Money

Back in 2007, my wife and I found ourselves in a lot of debt. I was working as a DJ/MC and she was working in Customer Service for a local Pest Control company. We had enough money coming in, but for some reason our bank account never seemed to show it. We had several credit cards, some student loans, two car payments, a 2nd mortgage, and even a second house. Overall it was about $185,000 worth of debt. Neither one of us knew what to do or who to turn to. Fighting about money seemed to be the norm.

Fast Forward

Life wasn't done throwing us a curveball.. In fact, in 2017, I lost my DJ/MC job of 18 years, but I wasnt upset or even stressed about it. We weren't worried and we had savings in the bank. We were even able to keep our Vacation we had planned for later that year to DIsney World. Such an amazing feeling of being able to find what I wanted to do in life.

Looking Back

I often think what I would tell my younger self if I ever had the chance to go back in time. First I would tell him to start investing at about 21, and live on bare minimums as long as he could. I would tell him not to worry about buying another house, or spending too much money to fix one up. I would also ask him if he always wants to be a DJ, where the hours stink, and the stress level is through the roof. But I know that as of now, we can't look back, we have to look forward!

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