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Helping you through life changes so you can focus on what matters most!


I help those that are experiencing life changes and feeling financially trapped
with simple tools to help them focus and take control of their lives.

Lampshade Consulting was created to help those who are stressed-out,

who want to make a change in their lives, wanting to give their family the best future possible, & looking to take control of their finances.

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Rita H

When I started working with Lamar earlier this year, I was very discouraged because of the poor financial choices I made last year and their resulting consequences. Lamar gave me the encouragement and plan that I needed to get back on track. Within a few months, I had achieved many of the goals that I listed when we first started working together. He is very caring and is a wonderful counselor."

Justin & Whitney H

"Lamar is great to work with. He is helping my wife and I get a more accurate budget and greater accountability in place to help is to be the best stewards of our money possible.

Thank you, Lamar!"


Business Consultant

"I would highly recommend Lamar to anyone who wants to get a firm grip on their finances. He uses a proven system that helps take the mystery out of being in control of your finances. He takes his time with each client to make sure they understand how to make their money work for them. If you want peace of mind with your financial situation give Lamar a chance to show you how easy it can be. You won’t be disappointed!!"

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